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Developing a Generator like Script

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has recently encountered the popular generator scripts like for Free Robux or Free Fortnite V Bucks.

I would also like to create one. Though I understand its back-end, I could not figure what tools to use..

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  • What kind of Generator tools are you talking? Please elaborate.

  • Have you seen the Free Robux Generator. Try googling it..

  • Oh, You are talking about those generators maybe they are using java+C++.

  • Ummm? How can you use two different programming languages for the same platform. And that too for a website? I think it's maybe PHP + JS? I am not sure though.

  • đã sửa November 2018 Chrome

    "Umm... It might have slipped from my mind. Actually, most of the scripts are designed on PHP. Maybe if you can post the link, then I can understand it better.

  • đã sửa November 2018 Chrome

    Hi, Here is the link that I found with a live working Free Robux Generator Online.

  • Oh, you meant this... It is a WordPress website (purely based on PHP). I couldn't seem to find any generator. This looks like a legit guide or tutorial post.

  • its fake those "robux generaters and v-bucks generaters" steal personal stuff

    dont beleive me?

    open cmd.exe and run the site at look what it does

    also these sites are adware cause they spam you with "human verifaction" instead of a simple captcha.

  • So there's no such thing as a Robux Generator?

  • @Jay Gummers said:
    So there's no such thing as a Robux Generator?

    yes dumb head its adware

  • Well, we can create such scripts no? :open_mouth:

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