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What is this now?

About: Google Search Extra Buttons

Please explain what these new includes are for? I assume that is yet another personal site of yours for the gstatic redirect test and why a sudden wikidata.org privacy policy for a google userscript?

// @include https://www.gstatic.com/sites/p/b9356d/system/services/test.html
// @include https://www.gstatic.com/index.html
// @include https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Privacy_policy

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  • I should have translated to russian to reword it better. Why is this yet again now adding an entire list of pre-populated domains to set up the localstorage? I can understand allowing users to add their own albeit unrealistic that anyone actually will do so, but the gstatic is another personal site redirect so now there is not one but two URLs not mine or google's set to store (and more importantly later, access) all my google localstorage data......

    I guess I'm wondering why and what the end-game is here with localstorage you are supposedly trying to get to....if you would disclose then perhaps the community of other DEVs can assist. :)

  • đã sửa November 2018 Firefox

    translate - no-no ), authentical speech is better than automatic translator.
    I save all domains because in new Fx v.63 not works another domains. I search, why it (bug of browser or any). For test I switch index xLocStI to 0. For next steps, I assume loop of attempts by this array xLocSto. For example, //www.gstatic.com/sites/p/b9356d/system/services/test.html is good variant (for Chrome etc.) but may to be disabled in future by Google.

    In the end, this situation (with erasing of localStorage by Google in google.com domain) need any stable https domain with empty (or not) HTML page for save of settings of user to localStorage not in google.com domain. Or list of this domains. Moreover, part of list may be expired or unaccessible (as github.io in part of China).

    but the gstatic is another personal site redirect

    but this site is account of Google and it published in common access, and owner of this account may not show your local localStorage in computer (only by special script of another page from this domain if you visit it ... yes, based on this reason I will remove wikidata.org from list; it was placed for test. Also we can say that gstatic.com is less secure, than my spmbt.github.io. But it need to solve question about accessibility to it - to give alternative. Even by disabling of storage. Gstatic.com is good variant for my opinion because this domain supports by Google on the same page of search.).

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