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Redirect to YggTorrent.is for old link witch yggtorrent.com

đã sửa May 2018 trong Phát triển Firefox

Hi everybody,

i have tested many script witch less modification for this, but i dont find the solution.

I want redirect all domain "yggtorrent.com" to "yggtorrent.is"

include, link and domain, because in the comment of users on this website is not include link, and the only solution it's copy and paste, modified link and go to this link, i want simplify this witch use left click on addres selected by mouse and use "open to the new tab" for exemple.

i think the solution is in the code :smile:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        YggTorrent.com to YggTorrent.is
// @namespace   http://domain.com/directory
// @description Redirect YggTorrent.com to YggTorrent.is!
// @include     http://*yggtorrent.com*/*
// ==/UserScript==


but witch this code, all redirect to the main page of yggtorrent.is not save the full adress.

oh and it's possible redirect http to https ^^

i need Help =)

Ps : sorry for my bad english...

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