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Need script to log into multiple sites open in Firefox tabs

Hi all,

I am totally new to GreaseMonkey so not sure what I am going to ask is possible.

At present when Firefox loads I automatically run a script to open about six different sites in separate tabs that all present a log in form (they're just forum sites but I use them everyday).

However, it's a real pain to select each tab after it's loaded and log in (even with FF remembering the details) so I'm looking for a way to write a GM script to cycle through each opened tab, enter the username and password then click the submit button. I've seen examples for individual pages but I want to make a script that can run on all open tabs. Obviously each tab may have different username/password and submit button names so my script would need to test each URL and then find the relevant controls to fill them in and click the submit button.

Despite googling for over an hour can't find any way to do this - can it be done?
If not, is there any other addon or plugin or even a Javascript to do this? It has to be for Firefox so no Chrome/IE/Safari suggestions please.

Many thanks in advance for any help :-)

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