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About: TagPro Deciseconds
đã sửa February 2018 trong Thảo luận về Script Chrome
change : in the @include to a / because the script doesn't work

Bình luận

  • Thanks for notifying me, but I'm not sure why it should be changed. The way it is now is used by most TagPro scripts to only load the script in-game (that is, when the href has a port number, and ends like f.e. ...beast.com:8001). This never failed to work for me in any TagPro script. Could you tell me what browser/device you are using?

  • Chrome/Laptop
  • Don't worry it's working now you may want to add the match to the home page btw
  • No, I don't. The script has no functionality on the homepage, and would fail because the in-game API isn't fully loaded there. Hf using the script :)

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