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Setting the qomplete default action

About: Fanfiction Qomplete
This is an amazing script, I use it with Opera through Tampermonkey, and for the most part, it works completely fine. My only issue is before putting my computer to sleep, I load the chapter without it, in case of power loss. Whenever I hit the qomplete button I have to change the color to black and the edge to gray.

My question is this: What and where in the script can I set black background and gray edge to the default qomplete?

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  • QonQon
    đã sửa January 2018 Firefox

    It was supposed to save your settings by default. So whatever you select will be the default next time. Then Firefox Quantum was released (I use firefox primarily) and with it new versions of GreaseMonkey (extension that loads userscripts on Firefox). The new GreaseMonkey version broke the old versions. I fixed the regular functionality but the "save settings" functionality was harder to fix. I'll get to it eventually...

    But you can insert
    at line 489.

    Why do you prefer grey borders? I'm just curious.

  • Visual preference, mostly. The rainbow is neat, but I read quickly, so having a rainbow jerk by on each side is kind of distracting.

    I really love this script, thanks for all your hard work!
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