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DOoes not work anymore

About: spiegel.de: deaktiviere Overscrolling
This script worked great for a year. But since today (or yesterday) overscrolling occurs again.
Is there an update available, or is this just a local issue on my side?

Bình luận

  • For me it works as usual. I have no problems.
  • Please test the new version and see if it works again.
  • Yes, thanks a lot. It works again :-)
  • Hi, the script seems to be broken again. At least for me, it does not work anymore (using FF 60.0.1). Anyone else with this problem?

  • Which extension are you using for this script?

  • Hi, not sure what you mean by extension. I use Greasemonkey if you mean this.

  • đã sửa June 2018 Chrome

    Thanks for the report.
    It stopped working for Violentmonkey and Greasemonkey but still worked for Tampermonkey. I don't know why. The new version should work with all 3 extensions. Please test if it works for you!

  • Thanks for the fast solution, it now works again.

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