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How to use Yes/ No Audit

About: Customer Interests - Product Interest / Keyword Relevance Audit [mturk]
đã sửa September 2017 trong Thảo luận về Script Chrome
I installed this script, but it didn't work. I used chrome and Mac book. Can't select any key although know that 1 for yes, 2 for no. Any suggestion?

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  • đã sửa September 2017 Safari
    I've uploaded a new version, that displays a banner if my script's running: please verify it's actually active, and let me know if there are any errors.

    Also be aware that I only mapped the number-pad numbers for hotkeys. I've now added the '1' and '2' from the keyboard proper as well, and you can, of course, bind any keys you'd like by editing the script itself.

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