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Suggestion: Put Version in the Script's Details

Can the moderators please put 'version' too in the script's details in the list (like in https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/ or https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts?sort=updated) so that I don't have to get inside each script to take a look what version it is and whether mine is already up to date since not every script has auto-update feature implemented.
I will appreciate it if you consider this suggestion.

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  • Why in the world would a script need to implement autoupdate internally if it's already implemented by the script manager (Greasemonkey and alternatives)? The only reason I see is some poorly written mobile browser with native userscript support but that issue should be addressed by that browser developer.

  • @wOxxOm: AFAIK GreaseMonkey doesn't have auto-update features. Probably for the add-on itself yes, but for individual scripts it doesn't. But what do I know, I have almost 0 knowledge of script world other than how to install & uninstall it.

    @TimidScript: thanks for the info. Too bad he rejected it :(
  • đã sửa January 2015 Firefox

    @miss_p1nky, why do you think Greasemonkey doesn't auto-update the scripts? I'm using this feature for a few years, and AFAIK all script managers have it because, well, it's a must-have feature for a script manager. If there is one that doesn't autoupdate, its developer should feel guilty for not implementing it.

  • Besides what @wOxxOm says, if you're screen scraping the listing page, you're probably better off using the JSON version (which does include the version number).
  • đã sửa January 2015 Firefox
    Some people are control freaks and like their own update library. Personally, I do not see the point of it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    However, the version number in script listing is useful for some people as icons are and have nothing to do with update. It would be nice to add it as part of the html's element metadata, and give the option of third party userscripts to utilize it.
  • @wOxxOm: Well yes that's what I meant. It's not like GM can automatically update each script even when there's new version of the script. That's unlike how the Add-on checker in Firefox works, isn't it? The script itself has to implement the @update feature given by GM. But what if the script doesn't have it? That's why I'd like to propose idea on how to check it easier. I'm a very layman user and I don't understand much, all I know is that to make sure whether I have the most up to date script, I have to check the version in this site and the script version installed in my browser.

    @JasonBarnabe: I'm sorry, I'm very newbie and when I open the link you gave, it is just a bunch of codes I don't understand :(
  • đã sửa January 2015 Firefox
    Well yes that's what I meant. It's not like GM can automatically update each script

    It can and it does for a few years already. The script doesn't have to implement anything. It simply works even without @updateURL and uses the download url, that is if you've installed the script using the Install button on greasyfork site. You don't have to monitor the site.

  • Like @wOxxOm said, GM already checks for script updates for scripts installed from online sites. Edited scripts are not automatically updated and you need to right click on them and select "Find Update".

    Information what JSON is

    And if you copy and paste the text from the JSON link here, you can easily read it.

    It's not what you want. Quickest way to check version is to go to the script page and check the version number.

    Now that I think about it, one does not really need the metadata in html if JSON exists. Future release of Citrus GFork may include version numbering.

  • @TimidScript: thanks for the explanation, very useful for a newbie like me. I honestly didn't know I can update the script from GM directly :p
    Although I didn't quite understand your last paragraph about metadata & Citrus GFork :D
  • I wanted the version numbering as personal preference.

    Now that I know that JSON api exists I can utilise it in my script Citrus GFork.
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