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Forum Quote seems a not intuitive system...

đã sửa December 2014 trong Trang phản hồi Firefox
i test the blockquote function of the site :

1- We can't just select a part of the discussion to quote it, because it quote all the discussion (select or not a part of the original post is without effect)
2- We need to edit this result (delete to delete the "auto numbering" in quote.
2- If we want remove the Author of the post in the quote , the quote became a "normal quote" (with another sytle (less bigger than the original)

After thought, maybe for it a Markdown effect... i don't know.

Here an example :
Forum Quote test

Can we have some different way to quote here ?:
- 1 - Selection (without numbering and author ref)
- 2 - All original post (with author ref but without list numbering )
- 3 - All like yet

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