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Incorrect detection of increase version numbers.

If I have a script, for example, and it is on version 1.3.11, and I go to update my script and change the version to 1.3.2, the site will give the "version number hasn't increased save anyway?" warning. When I click yes, and then go to the script page tampermonkey/greasyfork(not sure which side does the detection) says "update to v 1.3.2", correctly detecting the version number increase

Bình luận

  • 1.3.11 is greater than 1.3.2, so the site is correct.
  • Matt, it's probably best to go to 1.4.0 since the convention is to read dotted version numbers as separate whole numbers, not as decimal places.

    major-version 1
    minor-version 3
    point-release 11
  • Thanks for clearing that up
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