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SOLVED (error by me) - GreasyFork Forum - Problem to Attach JS in it

đã sửa December 2016 trong Trang phản hồi Waterfox
I can't post JS (or the same code with .tx ) here ....
Can you fix it ?

No PM User button To send a file too ?

Bình luận

  • haa i need to retest that ...
    Thanks Jason.
  • I retest the attach thing and it fail for me ....
    error message:
    "(GM - TEST - Super preloaderPlus one [USVersion] - v.6.5.0 - TXT - Code TRAD) Uploaded is not allowed"
    Waterfox 50.0.2 windows 7
  • Can you email me the file at jason.barnabe@gmail.com so I can try?
  • đã sửa December 2016 Waterfox
    I send you the file but now i think i was an error from me:
    The file was without extension and because its name is long i have not seen that...

    Sorry .

    But the request to have a PM button in greasyfork is always valid....
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