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"Showing scripts for:" seems to be broken

I have a fully functional script for YouTube, but when I go to my script and select youtube.com under "Showing scripts for:" on the right, it says "No scripts for the current filters".

I can't seem to find anything related to this functionality or any discussion on it. How can I make my script included as a script for youtube.com so that this feature is accurate?

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  • Your Youtube HD script has in the description the text "This script is intended only for the YouTube website, and not videos embedded on other websites."
    But the include rule is http://youtube.com*, that also applies to any other hosts like http://youtube.company.com or http://youtube.common.net.
    You should add a slash in the include (http://youtube.com/*).

  • đã sửa October 2016 PaleMoon
    Thanks, this fixed the issue.
  • please, this fixed the issue.

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