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Any script that could remove part of a URL link on a page?

Youtube is really annoying me with their BS. Now for the videos in a Channel's Video Section, it adds a suffix to the video URL that turns that channel's entire library into a playlist, and automatically plays the next video.

For example, this is what my links look like when clicking on a video from the channel page:


And this is what they look like when after the next video has automatically been started:

The stuff that includes "&user=..." is a part of one of my own scripts, and I would like to keep that portion. However, I would like to remove the portions that include "&index=..." and "&list=...". Is there a way that I could develop it?

I found this while googling it, but not quite sure how I would apply it to this situation, where there are certain sections I want to keep and certain sections I don't.

And what I actually want is for that section to be removed from all the urls entirely when I visit the channel's video page (say here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamFourStar/videos). For example, from the channel video page, the URL that should be listed is youtube.com/watch?v=ffDfg2131Oo , none of that crap after it about list. I don't want the page to have to refresh every time I load up a link, I just want to fix the URLs.

Can anyone help me with this?

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