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Script prevents context menu and doesn't properly cycle radio buttons.

About: ProductRnR

This script (by design) disables the context menu, which prevents using extensions like 'Image Viewer' to zoom in on images, or even opening images in a new tab to save. [This is an issue for me because without being able to zoom in on images I can't make a proper determination for relevancy.]

The script is also broken, needing to use the right mouse button to toggle "no load", because the left button doesn't properly cycle through the three options.

For anyone else annoyed by these bugs, here is an incredibly sloppy fix for them.

Context menu disable:

Delete this:
$('.documentbox').contextmenu( function() { return false; });

Right click hijack:

Change this:
to this:
$(".documentbox").click(function(e){ if (e.which == 1) e.preventDefault();});

Failure to cycle through all three radio buttons:

Change this:
$(".documentbox").mousedown(function(e){ switch (e.which) { case 1: if($(this).find("input:radio:checked").next(":contains(Excellent):not(:contains('Not'))").length > 0){ $(this).find("input[value='Bad']").prop("checked", true).change();return false; } if($(this).find("input:radio:checked").next(":contains(Image didn't load)").length > 0){ $(this).find("input[value='Excellent']").prop("checked", true).change();return false; } if($(this).find("input:radio:checked").next(":contains(Not Excellent)").length > 0){ $(this).find("input[value='Excellent']").prop("checked", true).change();return false; } break; case 3: $(this).find("input[value='NoLoad']").prop("checked", true).change();return false; break; } });

to this:
$(".documentbox").mousedown(function(e){ if (e.which == 1 ) { var $radios = $(this).find('input:radio'); var $checked = $radios.filter(':checked'); var $prev = $radios.eq($radios.index($checked) - 1); if(!$prev.length){ $prev = $radios.last(); } $prev.prop("checked", true).change(); } });
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