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Yahoo! new mail alert

This script will play the classic "Yahoo! Mail" voice wav file when it detects you have new unread mail in your mailbox

Scripts posted on Greasy Fork must abide by its rules. Common violations include scripts that are malware; scripts that have ads, cryptominers, or other monetization methods and do not disclose them in their descriptions; and scripts that contain unauthorized copies of code.

Şunu bilin ki, çalışmaması ya da üçüncü parti'nin kullanım şartlarına uymaması Greasy Fork sitesinin kurallarını çiğnemek değildir. Böyle durumlarda, betiğe geribildirim bırak yapabilirsiniz.

If Yahoo! new mail alert is using code from one of your scripts also posted on Greasy Fork, please use the expedited report form.

For all other contraventions of the rules, please post on the forum.