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Adblocker for

// ==UserScript==
// @name Adblock
// @namespace
// @version      1.3
// @description  Adblocker for
// @author       Taureon
// @match
// @match
// @grant        none
// @license      Unlicense
// ==/UserScript==

(function main(){

    //if the game hasn't loaded yet, wait until it is loaded
    //it is checked if the game has loaded by checking if the game tick function exists
    if (typeof a41 !== 'function') return setTimeout(main);

    //this disables ad related functions

    //removes the component that checks for adblock
    play = () => {
        if (RF.list[0] === undefined) return;
        if (!c4) {
            var selection = {class: c1.weapon, armor: c1.armor, color: c1.color};
            RF.list[0].send(a59("c1", selection));
        b21 = true;

    //this removes ad elements
    for (let ad of j36) {
        //to make it work with TioHax Client without it crashing
        let element = document.getElementById(;
        if (element) element.remove();