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Adds links to torrent and other search engines

Bunlar bu scriptin güncellenmiş kod versiyonlarıdır. Bütün versiyonları göster.

  • v4.4 10.01.2022

    I mean... again.

  • v4.4 10.01.2022 apparently have different path for cartoons.

  • v4.3 10.01.2022

    Fixed codepage for requests sent via a form since it's sent in the current one and apparently some sites still work in windows-1251. O_O

  • v4.2 08.01.2022

    Forgot to remove debug line.

  • v4.2 08.01.2022

    Added link to

  • v4.1 08.01.2022

    Added support for

  • v4.0 08.01.2022

    Updated code for new Kp design.

  • v3.8 06.12.2018 Violentmonkey support. They don't have GM object.
  • v3.7 06.12.2018 Prioritize Yandex as favicons source only for Kinopoisk (it have strict CSP rules).
  • v3.6 06.12.2018 Update for Fx52 ESR support. Apparently it still uses insertRule with mandatory second argument.
  • v3.5 05.12.2018
  • v3.5 05.12.2018 Added support for GM.xmlHttpRequest.
  • v3.4 05.12.2018 Domain changed: ->
  • v3.3 05.12.2018 Updated script a bit to better remove extra information from the movie name like "(YEAR)" or "(show YEAR-...)". Example:
  • v3.2 04.12.2018 Implemented submitting search request with a form. Implemented search on and, updated code for IMDb.
  • v3.1 03.12.2018 Updated description
  • v3.0 03.12.2018 Extended script functionality to
  • v2.2 28.11.2018 Rewritten without using jQuery. Also, moved styles into a separate styleSheet where they supposed to be. Also, fixed case when there is only Russian title. Also, removed grant unsafeWindow.
  • v2.1 14.11.2018 Synchronized list of domains with
  • v2.0 14.11.2018