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Review: OK - script works, but could use improvement

Gönderildi: 27.11.2020
Issues with Google Docs - ctrl-c, ctrl-c & ctrl-v in google docs editor stops working when the script is enabled.

Can you please fix it or add to the script's "built-in" @excluded lines?

In the meantime I added to the script excluding list.
Gönderildi: 14.01.2021
I'm sorry, I didn't encounter the problems at just like as what you said. If add the to the excluding list will fix your problem, you can open the script what you downloaded and add it by your own.
Gönderildi: 14.01.2021
On my last post I forgot to mention :
Browser - Pale Moon 28.17 (32 bit)
Win 7 x64
gstt ver. 4.10

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