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FB: Full Timestamps 2018

Shows full timestamps on Facebook posts

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The base of this script was developed by wOxxOm; without him, this script would not have been uploaded.


Visit the New Version here:

8/10/2018 Update: Fixed issue with comments displaying improperly as 'on Friday, August 10, 2018 at 1:50 PM:39null'
Fixed: 'on Friday, August 10, 2018 at 1:50:39PM'

3/22/2018 Update: Entire Script Reworked, Optimized ─ Now includes showing the Post ID # and other information.

Use the latest version for the most accurate times!

The times in the latest version starting from 3.2B and up are shown in the format of
on 1/01/2018 at 1:11:11am UTC-05:00,

In the notification area they will show the name of the month like:
on Sunday, January 1, 2018 at 1:11:11am UTC-05:00

The information below will be purged shortly, and the script will be re-uploaded as Version 1.0;
─ About Older Versions:
Older Versions (Prior to 3.2) MIGHT work fine for the most part based on the amount of time that will pass since this is written Facebook have changed the code slightly since this script was first released, so it's hard to say if they'll work or not but I've chosen to leave this information here for education purposes, if the older version do work they will be inaccurate where the times are within 3 hours of changing from AM to PM, because of the way the time data is retrieved in these versions Javascript mistakenly believes the time is am or pm due to times being 3 hours ahead or behind depending on the version, I made attempts to fix this, and I was successful in 2 ways, but either way there was a problem of some sort, the issue is completely resolved since now. Which is why in the most recent versions the times are retrieved directly from Facebook, the am/pm issue is a result of displaying seconds on the posts, a unit of time not kept in FB post data, it's added in manually. Fixing the am/pm issue was done by using the am/pm from the post data itself, extracting only am or pm, and then inserting it after the seconds.

Getting the time to show up before the date might be possible,
but it requires a lot of overly complicated coding and usually results in errors.

If you prefer to have the times show up before the date, this requires some advanced coding, and is accurate 99% of the time, but during the end of each month because of the way the times are retrieved in version 3.0A, the date becomes shifted ahead by 3 hours. Therefore as a result, if it's 10PM at the end of the month, the status will display as if it was posted on the first of the month due to the Javascript libraries being ahead by 3 hours. This problem is non-existent in version 3.0B because 3.0B uses the date from the Facebook servers instead of generating it via Javascript. With that being said, if you want the time before the date.. and don't care that it will show incorrectly at the end of the month─use version 3.0A

The times in version 3.0A show in the format of
1:11:11am on Sunday, 1/01/2018 UTC-05:00

The script uses an unapproved external script. Follow the instructions in the image associated with this script.

You will need to edit the script. If you examine the code, at the top you will see:
// @ require

You will need to remove the space between the @ and the r of require.
// @require

My degree of knowledge in Javascript programing is minimal, but it was enough for me to make the necessary adjustments. I later modified and altered the script to work in a more uniform and Facebook friendly way and corrected issues with the times not displaying accurately.