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DLE links decoder

Прямые ссылки на сайтах с движком DataLife Engine (DLE)

Bunlar bu scriptin güncellenmiş kod versiyonlarıdır. Bütün versiyonları göster.

  • v1.3 10.09.2016 Document may not have body!
  • v1.2 29.08.2016 Skip non-element nodes in MutationObserver. I always forget to do so. :(
  • v1.1 29.08.2016 Fixed MutationObserver options. Forgot to set 'subtree' option.
  • v1.0 28.08.2016 Looks like 'mouseover' doesn't work properly with child elements. 'mouseenter' does.
  • v0.9 28.08.2016 Replaced global click events with local mouseover events and added observer to handle dynamically added links. Won't handle links within links. That's crazy anyway.
  • v0.8 28.08.2016 Added support for links with 'escaped' links like and even like (escaped and base64)
  • v0.7 26.08.2016 links with extra objects
  • v0.6 18.08.2016 Reverted back change to event model. Proper link in a tooltip will be displayed only if user will right-click it.
  • v0.5 18.08.2016 Added second link format
  • v0.4 18.08.2016 Now link will be unwrapped as soon as targeted to display a proper link in a tooltip + script will run only if DLE-specific functions are present on the page.
  • v0.3 18.08.2016 Forgot to reuse 'link' variable in place of
  • v0.2 18.08.2016 Replaced link in comments section with decoded one :)
  • v0.1 18.08.2016