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Fetching cross domain information synchronously

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Hi, I'm looking for proper use of GM_xmlhttpRequest, so that the script continues only after it's fully dispatched, ie. the onload function runs and finishes. I use Tampermonkey if it does matter.


  • Wrap it in a Promise, here's a bare bones example:

    function gmGet(args) {
      return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            method: 'GET',
          }, args.url ? args : {url: args}, {
            onload: e => resolve(e.response),
            onerror: reject,
            ontimeout: reject,

    Then use it with async/await syntax:

    (async () => {
      const text = await gmGet('');
      const json = await gmGet({
        url: '',
        responseType: 'json',
      // the data should be used inside this function, this is how asynchronous code works

    There are many existing wrappers that add more functionality/reliability.

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