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A simple script to remove the posts by keywords in Baidu, effective but confused

kategorisi Geliştirme [?]
// ==UserScript==
// @name       按关键词屏蔽贴吧帖子
// @namespace  Violentmonkey Scripts
// @match      *://*
// @grant      none
// @require
// ==/UserScript==

  var lists = $("#thread_list > li");
  for(var i=1; i < lists.length; i++){
    var tit = lists[i].querySelector("a.j_th_tit");
    if(/(考研|租)/.test(tit.innerHTML)) {

That's my script.
Although it works, the pictures of every remaining posts can't load.
help plz~


  • Try removing @grant none, it's a special mode that makes the script run outside of the sandbox, which normally is not needed and often it's harmful as it may overwrite some of the global page stuff.

  • @wOxxOm
    Thanks for your reply. I have removed @grant none. I found when I activated this script, all the links on the page became invalid (no response when click it), and when I disactivated the script, the page returned to normal. What behaviors may causes this problem?

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