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Updating JIRA Issues Status

I was wondering if its possible to automate the following using TamperMonkey:
1) From a jira ticket, open each of the 'issues' that has status open in a new tab
2) Update the status of each issue (now open in a new tab) to 'done'.

The key is I need:

JIRA Ticket->Open Issue in New Tab-> Update issue in New Tab

For test automation, I frequently have to update all the open tests as 'done' once I've finished (up to 10 or so). At the moment I manually click on each one of the issues, go to the new tab, update the status, close the tab and repeat 10 or so times.

I'd really like to automate this and save myself a couple of minutes.

I have a bunch of small updates similar to this and it would be nice to automate them all.

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