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Trouble getting clipboard content

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Hello, I'm trying to find out a functional construct to parse clipboard text and parse it to webform fields.

Syntax like this doesn't work:

var clipBoard;
navigator.clipboard.readText().then(text => clipBoard = text); // <= marked by script editor as syntax error

I'm looking for a working form, ideas? TY


  • This is not an error, but rather an ambiguous statement.
    Simply enclose it in parentheses like text => (clipBoard = text) or in curly braces like text => { clipBoard = text }

  • Note, however, your code is likely incorrect if you expect the subsequent statements to access clipBoard variable. That's because the Promise runs asynchronously after your enclosing context has already completed. It's like a one-time event listener for load event. It happens in the future.

    The modern approach is to use async/await syntax with Promise-like things:

    (async () => {
      let clipBoard = await navigator.clipboard.readText(); 
      // use the variable here
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