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Auto open URLs on certain pages

Hi -- I am looking for a script that will result in opening all URLs on a page from a specific site in new tabs or windows (doesn't matter).
I have found the script below but it doesn't seem to work. Is Chrome not allowing this kind of behavior?

Thanks for your help!

// ==UserScript==
// @name Open links in background window
// @author Lex1
// @version 1.4
// @description Sets links in a page to open in new background window.
// @include*
// @exclude*
// @exclude*
// ==/UserScript==

function click_ujsenabled(e) {
var a = e.srcElement;
while (a.nodeName != 'A' && a.nodeName != 'HTML') {
a = a.parentNode;
if (a.href && a.protocol != 'javascript:'
&& a.getAttribute('href')[0] != '#') {, '_blank').blur()

document.addEventListener('click', click_ujsenabled, false);


  • Yes, I think Chrome doesn't allow that, you'll need to call the function the is built in your scripts manager "GM_openInTab" instead of "".

  • Assuming that this script is working but not opening tabs in background, instead it opens and focuses the tab.

  • Yeah, discord doesn't allow this due to it may be dangerous.

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