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Install counts are inaccurate/broken/not incremented

July 2018 düzenlendi kategorisi Site geribildirimi Firefox

I recently installed a bunch of (my) userscripts from Greasy Fork on a new machine at work and noticed for the umpteenth time that it had no effect on the installed counts (e.g. "Daily Installs" etc.) for any of my userscripts: not that day, not the next day, and — now — not a week or more later. I have userscripts showing as having never been installed [1] even though I've installed and updated them on a bunch of different machines and browsers.

This happens (or fails to happen) whether I'm logged in or not (if I'm installing from Greasy Fork I'm usually not). It happens with Greasemonkey 3 and Violentmonkey and happened with Tampermonkey when I installed it to investigate a reported issue. [2] It happens with a Chromium derivative and Firefox and Waterfox. It was happening (at least) 18 months ago and it's happening now.

So I'm not gaming the system in any way, and have installed my userscripts (amongst others) in multiple browsers with multiple userscript engines on multiple operating systems from multiple IP addresses and my install counts NEVER increment.

Is this a bug, or is it just me?



  • For an install to be recorded, you need to click the green Install button and have JS enabled. If you inspect the requests that happen when you install, look for "install_ping".

    I tested a bit just now and it worked with Chrome/Tampermonkey but was inconsistent with Firefox/Greasemonkey. I believe Greasemonkey has recently changed their install method so maybe that's what triggered it.

    I've put the code on a short timeout and that seems to make Firefox with Greasemonkey send the request again.

  • OK. Thanks for looking into it. I'll keep an eye peeled for the ping request if this is still an issue in Violentmonkey.

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