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Any way to update 'Author's Description' separately?

October 2014 düzenlendi kategorisi Site geribildirimi [?]
Suppose I'm making changes to the Info tab by using Update > Additional info.

I find that a new history entry is created, even though the code is unchanged.

Is it possible to update Author's Description without adding a new history entry?


  • Recording the history of Additional Info is intentional. It's so that we can see if someone posted spam, or claimed the script does something it doesn't, or whatever.

    If you only change the Additional Info, the History tell will not show it unless the user presses "Show all versions".
  • October 2014 düzenlendi [?]
    Then it would be helpful and time saving when sorting through if when History>Show All Versions...
    the version could be labelled "No Code Change, Only Description Changes". Marked in red.

    That way you won't need to study through the code to find changes, or you won't bother testing the version. You can just re-read the description for new info changes.
  • Perhaps I'm doing it wrongly. On two occasions, I accidentally changed the source code when I was updating Additional info.
  • On second thought, it was not me who made the code change, although I could have made this mistake easily.

    Here is what happened.

    1. I updated 'Additional info'.

    2. When I clicked 'Post', the page warned me I'm changing the code without changing the version.

    3. To prevent any mistake, I copied the info, opened a new tab and pasted it into the 'Additional info' textbox.

    4. I still get the same warning.

    5. I checked the checkbox and posted.

    6. I see ":" somewhere in the code. I have to manually remove it.
  • Example script link?
  • In this case, I cut-n-paste the desc directly. I may have updated the info, that's why I thought I accidentally changed the code:

    Here, I'm very sure I only changed the info:
  • Note that in both cases I went ahead to make the code change. Otherwise, I could not update the 'Additional info'.
  • October 2014 düzenlendi [?]
    I have no idea what would be inserting that colon. Theories:

    1. You have a script installed that's doing an overzealous find and replace
    2. The code box had focus and you thought additional info did and you typed it in (twice?)
    3. There's some weird character in your script that gets translated to that, somehow.

    I'm leaning toward # 1.
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