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Maximize all video players.Support Piture-in-picture.

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Posted: 12-08-2015

Issues with some sites

On some sites the player is not fully maximized and it's also not centered if you make it maximize before the video buffers this also makes it so that you can maximize it again and then a restore button appears for example (the vidto option)

Also on this site option 1 (opcion 1) when you maximize it the page stays white and the video doesn't load.

Posted: 12-08-2015

On these 2 sites the player is protected by some other scripts and player is in two child iframes.if i change the player's size,those scripts will delete the iframe page code or change some codes。

I tried to solve this problem.But the grease monkey script has too many limitations.So that was impossible. Sorry.

Posted: 12-08-2015

No problem thanks. Is it possible to block the protecting script and still display the video?

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