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Github 增强 - 高速下载

高速下载 Git Clone/SSH、Release、Raw、Code(ZIP) 等文件、项目列表单文件快捷下载 (☁)


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Aaron8 20-01-2022
Last: Aaron8 23-01-2022
jasonz 11-10-2021
Last: jasonz 11-10-2021
Good 文件夹 支持吗
zaqwerfvcx 09-05-2021
Last: X.I.UAuthor 09-05-2021
Good 图片无法显示啊
Ag2S 13-02-2021
Last: X.I.UAuthor 13-02-2021
ljcbaby 11-02-2021
Last: X.I.UAuthor 11-02-2021
Good 也许可以加上jsDelivr

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