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Image Host Helper

Directly upload local / rehost remote images or galleries to whatever supported image host by dropping/pasting them to target field

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Posted: 04-11-2020

Sorry but I am just not getting this. I am on multiple sites that you say this works on but I see no drag and drop field.

Some kind of images would help as I just can not see what to do even after reading your description.

Posted: 07-11-2020

There's no extra field, the extension always uses existing text inputs.

Posted: 07-11-2020

Thanks for the comment but, that did not help clear up the issue that I can not figure out how to work your script. I know it is not your problem, and yet, I know that if I had to ask there are hundreds more that are not understanding it either.

I'll just put this script in the "I would like to use it but can't" list.

Posted: 10-11-2020
Edited: 10-11-2020

1. open an image in your browser or in any image viewing application
2. copy that image to clipboard (this can be either the URL where the image is already uploaded, or it can be the actual image content, for example if the image is only on your local drive and has not yet been uploaded anywhere)
3. paste (ctrl+v) in any valid input field on any of the supported sites

--> the script automatically uploads the image to the host (as configured) and puts the direct URL to that newly hosted image in the input field

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