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Twitch - Mute ads and optionally hide them

Automatically mutes the Twitch player when an advertisement started and unmute it once finished. You can also hide ads by setting disableDisplay to true.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 04-06-2022

Solid script! I've gotten so used to this script blocking ads, that I'm immediately aware whenever I use a browser without it, surprised by how many ads happen without this script's power.

Thanks for sharing it and keeping it updated! One of my most relied upon scripts.

Posted: 06-06-2022

Thanks. Ads here (in France) come and go, there's some periods where there's many and months where we have literally none ^^ (maybe uBlock Origin helps too sometimes, i don't know where they're at on this matter).

I'm aware they changed the class again for the ad-notice, but since i included a fail-safe it automatically retrieves it, so i didn't consider updating the default ad-notice class for now as it works just fine. But i'll for sure keep updating it if needed.

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