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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 29-08-2020
Edited: 29-08-2020
If you want to post your rules to
you need an OpenID
Super_preloaderPlus_one_New :Database #

But "Yahoo OpenID" seems not working now (I had one before but i can't login with it now in 2020).
After some search, i find an OpenID provider which work in 2020.
Ubuntu One / Launchpad is this OpenID Provider.
1 - Create an account
2 - Go to your Profile infos page
3 - Copy your Openid
And use it in login page
And that's ok...

You can read their OpenID help:
Launchpad/YourAccount/OpenID Help
Read too my other post For AutoPagerize):
Good New for 2020: I find an WORKING OpenID provider (Yahoo seems broken and Google OpenID ???): It's with Ubuntu One / Launchpad

And with this OpenID, you can use this userscript:
Wedata Login Utility to auto login for Wedata.
"Before using this, you need to set your OpenID URL to 'url' variable in the script. Open installed script with your preferred text editor, and change dummy URL 'http://path/to/your/openid/url/'. "
Posted: 08-11-2020

Man, thank you! I tried for a while but it works randomly...

I add your words to to make it easier for me to find in the future

Posted: 08-11-2020

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