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Text Highlight and Seek

Automatically highlight user-defined text with Seek function (2019-09-22)

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 27-09-2021

I seem to have made an error in a regex and now the script crashes on page load. I can not access the highlight library to try and fix the error. Where is the location to the script library so I can go in and edit it out?

Posted: 27-09-2021
Edited: 27-09-2021

Hi, what browser are you using, and which *monkey extension?

In Firefox with Violentmonkey, I would do this:

  • Open about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox
  • Click the Inspect button for Violentmonkey
  • On the new Inspector tab, switch to the Storage sub-tab
  • Expand Extension Storage and click the extension URL
  • In the filter bar above the list of values, type kwstyles

One of the references will be in the source code, and the other will be in the JSON data for the script. You can double-click the data and "Copy" it and then paste it somewhere for future reference and probably some editing/importing, although I haven't thought through the steps. After safely saving your data somewhere else, you can delete the selected script data to return to default settings.

Posted: 27-09-2021

Editing JSON is a pain, but here's an example of a RegEx set from beginning (preceding comma) to end (closing curly brace) that you would want to excise from the structure:


Posted: 28-09-2021

OK. I was not able to do a simple fix, but thanks to you, I was able to copy all the information and do a reinstallation of the script.


Posted: 10-03-2024

Did it again but this time I can not seem to find the data.

Current FF and using Violent Monkey.

I looked at the data in the area you said and nothing shows the things I need highlighted.

Posted: 20-03-2024

OK. Took a break and came back and found it again. Thanks again for an excellent script.

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