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Hodnotenie: Dobré - skript funguje

Hello linkwanggo!👋

Can you make your script compatible with AdashimaaTube once more please? becauseI fixed the overlapping elements issues and make it work with Local YouTube Downloader script.

The problem is translate button is disappear maybe you need to change the element selector again.

Thank you <3

Pridaný: 27.02.2023

Hi, sapondanaisriwan. nice to see you again!

This question has arisen in this discussion.

I am trying to be compatible with YouTube's legacy UI now. Please be patient.

Pridaný: 27.02.2023
Upravený: 27.02.2023

Take your time

Pridaný: 28.02.2023

Hi~ o( ̄▽ ̄)ブ, @sapondanaisriwan. The script has been compatible with the old YouTube UI panel. Your userstyles and Local YouTube Downloader have been able to work with the script.

Thanks <3

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