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pancake mod | Katana + Musket | AUTOHEAL | Anti-Insta | starter resources and more!!

This is SISI´s HacK (i created SISI´s HacK) but I renamed it to pancake mod(cuz I like pancakes 🤣) So, look at the desc to see the commands! Enjoy the mod!

Zoznam verzií skriptu, ktorých kód bol aktualizovaný. Zobraziť všetky verzie.

  • vv.10.2.0 22.07.2021 a lil bit better anti insta

    next update: better insta
  • vv.10.1.2 18.07.2021 changed a ton of intervals, made things modular (variables to change), changed map, removed garbage, actually indented some parts, removed useless whitespace, made aiming modular, changed doNewSend
  • vv.10.1.1 17.07.2021 lil update

  • vv.10.1.0 17.07.2021 more clown chance at anti insta(best is you make bull tick)

    better insta

    better reverse insta

    soon i add onetic
  • vv.10.0.4 14.07.2021 some changes

    like if apple at anti insta more heal
  • vv.10.0.3 13.07.2021 added something like mousemill
  • vv.10.0.2 12.07.2021 added ping msg
  • vv.10.0.1 08.07.2021
  • vv.10.0.0 06.07.2021 changed anti insta there will be now spiek gear

    a lil bit faster reverse insta

    if you get clown you will euip medic gear and angel wings

    press 1 on numpad for only katana

    added a key for spike gear
  • vv.9.9.0 05.07.2021 anti insta works now! sorry i coded something wrong anti insta is a lil bit better

    maybe anti bow insta! idk because i couldnt test it(i think it dont work)

    new died text! it will say '1. Game ended' if you died 1 one time etc! so you know hhow many times you died!
  • vv.9.7.1 04.07.2021 changed some things

    changed again lil bit anti insta [less chance to get clown if bull spamm but still high]

    changed a lil bit insta(8 miliseconds slower) [better but also worst..better cuz now it makes more oftener insta(i think) worst cuz its slower but it will make no sense]

    changed a bit reverse insta (10 miliseocnds faster) [better]
  • vv.9.7.0 03.07.2021 faster insta...idk if it works with polearm

    chnaged a lil bit the anti insta

    maybe i will ad autoshield at anti insta
  • vv.9.6.0 02.07.2021
  • vv.9.5.0 01.07.2021 now 360° hit in menu

    crazy age 1 insta requires age 9 now to make complete age 1 insta

    changed a little bit anti insta
  • vv.9.3.0 29.06.2021 better anti-insta

    slower heal(a lil bit slower)
  • vv.9.2.7 26.06.2021
  • vv.9.2.7 22.06.2021 some fixes
  • vv.9.2.5 19.06.2021 changed autoheal. heals now if your HP is under 100 but after 110 milliseconds and
  • vv.9.2.3 19.06.2021 added a little bull tick after anti-insta for lower chance clownhat
  • vv.9.2.0 18.06.2021 better antiinsta!!
    removed rainbow agebar
    changed km key and pm key! :)
  • vv.9.1.1 16.06.2021 removed rainbow hp bar to make the cps higher and ping lesser
  • vv.9.1.0 13.06.2021 changed anti-insta-heal
  • vv.9.0.0 12.06.2021 added menu press esc to view it.
  • vv.8.8.0 09.06.2021 added reverse insta (will be improved) press [Y] to do it
  • vv.8.7.7 08.06.2021 added insta text
  • vv.8.7.7 08.06.2021 better insta!!!
    better age 1 insta!!!

    and renamed mod to "pancake mod" 😁
  • vv.8.7.1 06.06.2021 better insta
  • vv.8.7.0 06.06.2021 added katana+musket and polearm + musket key. changed bow insta key
  • vv.8.6.2--btw.last 06.06.2021 added starter res and maybe more FPS
  • vv.8.6.1--btw.last 04.06.2021 again changed anti heal
  • vv.8.6.0--btw.last 04.06.2021 btw bow insta is now better
    and changed heal from anti insta. so if you active it and get bull spam, you wont get clown fast.
  • vv.8.5.6--btw.last 04.06.2021 if autobreak is deenabled you need to press E if you wanna hit (sorry)
    but if you got pushed out of a trap you have to unactive autobreak and than enable it again.
  • vv.8.5.5--btw.last 03.06.2021 added toggler for autobreak. Press [ctrl] to unactive/active
    if autobreak bugged press ctrl (if you got pushed out of a trap you need to unactive autobreak and than active it again)
  • vv.8.5.1--btw.last 03.06.2021 changed healspeed
  • vv.8.5--btw.last 03.06.2021 also added autobreak
    maybe i add toggle for autoplace trap after breaking trap
  • vv.8.5--btw.last 03.06.2021 better insta

    but btw thats the last version cuz im quiting moomooo
  • v8.4 30.05.2021 added anti trap - will be improved
    soon i add autobreak =)
  • v8.3 29.05.2021 some changes??
  • v8.2 29.05.2021 sorry removed auto solider because i think there is a bug
    added toggler to toggle click bull and tank press "?" to active click and press again to unactive!!
  • v8.2 28.05.2021 added 360° hit
  • v8 28.05.2021 added auto solider if someone is near
    changed a key
  • v7.70 28.05.2021 changed ping color =)
  • v7.7 17.05.2021 automill
  • v7.61 17.05.2021 Maybe better CX insta
  • v7.6 14.05.2021 Better Mills (3 mills behind you. They are fast so it often tripple mill.)
  • v7.5 14.05.2021 Better Anti-Insta
  • v7.40 14.05.2021 Idk if it works noe. Pls give feedback.
  • v7.40 12.05.2021
  • v7.4 11.05.2021
  • v7.4 11.05.2021 removed Hat Macro chat
    modifed instakill
  • v7.3 10.05.2021 Removed CPS & Clicks Panel
    fixed CX Insta
    + rainbow agebar body (thanks to @Stew04 , he alowwed me use his script)
  • v7.2 07.05.2021 Bow insta adn age 1 insta
  • v7.1 07.05.2021 works now on all´s or Just
  • v7.1 07.05.2021 + CPS & Contole Panel
  • v7.0 07.05.2021 +Crazy CX insta
  • v6.9 07.05.2021 AutoHat is working now
    + AutoHat if you click left or right on your mouse
  • v6.80 06.05.2021
  • v6.8 06.05.2021
  • v6.8 06.05.2021 Autohide cookie shield when play
  • v6.70 05.05.2021 Author
  • v6.70 05.05.2021 Nothing
  • v6.7 04.05.2021 Better antiinsta
    Range indicators??
  • v6.51 03.05.2021 Script desc.
    It´s now rlly better
  • v6.5 03.05.2021 Script desc.
  • v6.5 01.05.2021 Anti-Insta
  • v6.2 27.04.2021 Script desc.
  • v6.2 27.04.2021
  • v6.2 26.04.2021 Anti-Insta, but BETA version!
  • v6.1 24.04.2021 Now the Menu hide automaticly if you enter game! If you die you can see it again!!
    I think that´s good! But you have to set the right settings on before you start :) , because you can´t see the settings while playing
  • v6.0 24.04.2021 New Music-Menu!! Press "insert" to open it!!
    Changed a little bit the Design from to Mennu!
  • v5.510 20.04.2021
  • v5.51 20.04.2021 There was an bug(spam auto mill)
    I fixed it!
  • v5.5 20.04.2021
  • v5.1 19.04.2021
  • v5.0 19.04.2021
  • v5.0 19.04.2021
  • v5.0 18.04.2021 "Bug" fixed: No Hat if you chat!
    + AutoChat if insta, press keys for the hats or active music! (The Messages are good and funny!)
  • v4.01 18.04.2021 Name of Hack
  • v4.0 18.04.2021 full SISI´s HacK!!
  • v3.01 14.04.2021
  • v3.0 14.04.2021 SISI´s HACK IS BACK!!!
  • v2.1 07.04.2021 Changed a little bit the Design
    + nice/funny (or whatever) message at the beginning
  • v2 05.04.2021 + 2 funny Maps
    + change between middle big and big store
  • v1.1 05.04.2021 Now the key for the SOLIDER HELMET works. (i forgot to change something in the script.)
  • v1.0 03.04.2021
  • v1.0 29.03.2021
  • v1.0 28.03.2021
  • v1.0 28.03.2021
  • v1.0 28.03.2021
  • v1.0 27.03.2021