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Simple YouTube Age Restriction Bypass

Watch age restricted videos on YouTube without login and without age verification :)

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A very simple to use userscript to bypass YouTube's age verification.

How it works

This extension uses some API tricks to access age-restricted videos from YouTube anonymously. As a fallback (in case that the API bypass methods does not work) an open source Account Proxy Server is used. This allows you to watch all types of age-restricted videos on YouTube and YouTube Music without age verification and without the need to be signed in.

All videos will be unlocked automatically!


In order to unlock some video information, requests are handled through a proxy server. On the server side, the request will be authenticated with the credentials of an age-verified account at YouTube. The source code of the proxy server can be found here.

No credentials are sent from your YouTube account! The only info that the proxy server receives from you is the Video-ID and some non-user related information like the version of the YouTube website. The used proxy server at does not log IP-Adresses or Video-IDs. If you have set a different proxy server instance, then the operator's log policies apply.

To have an overview of the number of requests and possible problems, anonymous usage statistics are collected. These statistics are also not user-related and can be found here.

For some videos it is necessary to route the video data files (hosted at through a proxy server as well. The third-party service is used for this. You can read the privacy policy here.


Feel free to share your improvements on GitHub: