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Twitter Image Download V2.0

Adds a button to make downloading images from Twitter a tad bit easier.

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Hodnotenie: Dobré - skript funguje

Pridaný: 24.08.2020

[New feature request] Download twitter events pics

for example: in this page, I hope we can download all the pics.

Great work, thank you!

Pridaný: 11.09.2020

I recognize that manga! That's a good idea for a feature update, thanks. Downloading images on events might a bit tricky, and I can already see some problems with it, twitter doesn't load all the tweets in one go, it loads them as you scroll. I might need to modify the script to autoscroll the page as it downloads the images. To be honest the script isn't that friendly as you still need to choose the saving location for all the images which can still be troublesome. I'll see what I can do though!

Pridaný: 19.09.2020

Yes, it'll be great to download mangas! Manually saving them is too tiring T_T.

Pridaný: 21.11.2020

This feature got put into the backburner as I got busy with life. I'll see if I can do something about it later in December.

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