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bilibili Danmaku Disabler

Auto disable bilibili HTML5 player danmaku.

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bilibili Danmaku Disabler

Support Old/New(beta) HTML5 Player

Click 'M' to switch danmaku on/off


Version 2019.06.19

  • Optimize code structure, Add some comments

Version 2019.05.04.1

  • Revert [Check Player version, instead of twice waitForKeyElements]

Version 2019.05.04

  • Set @noframes for script, not running in iframes pages

Version 2019.05.03

  • Add shortcut key 'M' to switch danmaku on/off
  • Check Player version, instead of twice waitForKeyElements
  • Fix disable_danmaku not working sometimes -> jNode[0].click()

Version 2019.04.18

  • Optimize code structure

Version 2019.04.05

  • Change script @name 'bilibili Default Disable Danmaku' to 'bilibili Danmaku Disabler'
  • Because changed @name, Re-install this script and remove old script please.
  • Change license N/A to MIT License
  • Change jQuery.min.js CDN bootcss to jsdelivr
  • Change version format to CCYY.MM.DD
  • Remove support (Move to 381396-live-danmaku-disabler)

Version 2.1.0

  • Change run-at from document-end to document-idle make sure not run script multi times
  • Fix click twice danmaku button at new HTML5 Player (Double checked checkbox:checked selectors!!!)
    If still click twice danmaku button for you.
    Try to check your scripts list! Don't enable two same function scripts.

Tip: If you wanna work fine at multipart videos. Do not change waitForKeyElements false to true

Version 2.0.1

  • Fix jQuery CDN Cloudflare not working in China

Version 2.0

  • Fix not working with multipart videos
  • Add bilibili Live auto disabler

Source from 哔哩哔哩bilibili默认关闭弹幕
Thanks for original author @wly5556