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Hodnotenie: Dobré - skript funguje

Pridaný: 01.04.2022

Hello, Hiroaki,
the script is great - I used it on the last event for the first time.

Is it possible to extend it:
Just using the part of the script for chat notification and the notification on the inventory button -
to notify that Nugget bag, Energy bag, Motivation Bag are ready to use.

The nugget bag would be most needed for me.

I tried modifying the script myself, but could not circumvent the fact that there isn't an actual event in the game.
Maybe you could give me some pointers how to extract only the parts needed - inventory icon and chat notification.


Pridaný: 21.03.2023

Thanks for sharing. Free to play backrooms game for thrill moments

Pridaný: 13.05.2024

what sets Pokerogue apart is the incorporation of roguelike elements, introducing procedural generation, permadeath, and strategic decision-making into the mix.

Pridaný: 14.05.2024

@Martinaberk Yes, this is definitely one of the signs a scorpio man is obsessed with you through text or even in person. I think that Scorpios are very easy to read, especially through their body language. So if he keeps touching you when you are not looking, he's totally in love with you (secretly) :-)

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