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The-West Sweets

Cool features!

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Description & Sreenshots

This is the actual version with full https support of the script The West Sweets officially made by Shelimov.

This script contains some cool features which improve your gaming experience on The West.

Supported languages:
Russian (русский)
German (Deutsch)
Spanish (español)
Portuguese (português)
French (français)
Italian (italiano)
Polish (polski)
Hungarian (magyar)
Czech (čeština)
Slovak (slovenčina)
Greek (ελληνικά)

Some strings are still in English!

Chat Beeper
You can choose a sound for noticing you about new private chat messages.

Save player, town and alliance names or your whole friend list, so they are safe from your attacks.

Selectable text
You can select text everywhere to copy it.

Forum last page
Get to the last page of the town forum topic.

REMOVED: Install the twdb clothcalc script to use this feature.

No energy premium
Hide the message to buy premium when you ran out of energy.

Regeneration timer
You can see how much time is left for full energy and hp.

Menu and scripts bar on top
The menu bar and the scripts bar won't be hidden by the windows anymore.

Extension for Town Button: Hover on the town button and you get some useful shortcuts.
It works even with TheWest-Menu.

West Inventory Reducer: Make your inventory items smaller and add a scrollbar.
Now it's much easier to manage your bag.
Works also perfectly with TW Big Inventory.

Extra close button (Disabled by default)
New button to close inventory and equipment window.

You can switch all the features on or off.


Official homepage:

There is also an addon available for this script. You can find it here: Deluxe Jobs.


Install first the browser extension for your browser:Now install the user script.

Smartphones & Tablets
  • Create a new bookmark in your mobile browser
  • Edit the bookmark and copy this to its address field:
  • Now open the game and click the bookmark to start the script