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About: Picviewer CE+ [Preview]
                loadAll:"Load more",
                loadedAll:"Load completed",
                loading:"Loading ...",
                loadAllTip:"Load the picture on the next page",
                fiddleTip:"Pop-up pictures for complex operations",
                collected:"Has been collected",
                exitCollection:"Exit collection",
                exitCollectionTip:"Click to exit the collection mode",
                noCollectionYet:"You still have any pictures in the wood",
                collectDetailTip:"Add some descriptions to your favorite pictures",
                playSlide:"Play slideshow",
                slideGap:"Interval (s)",
                slideGapTip:"Interval, unit (seconds)",
                slideBackTip:"Play from back to front",
                slideWait:"Wait for image reading",
                slideWaitTip:"The countdown starts after each image is completely read.",
                slideSkipError:"Skip error picture",
                slideSkipErrorTip:"Quickly skip reading the wrong picture",
                typeTip:"Select image category",
                advancedRules:"Advanced Rules",
                advancedRulesTip:"Matched by advanced rules",
                tpRules:"Wildcard rules",
                tpRulesTip:"Matched by wildcard rules",
                scaleRulesTip:"JS automatically finds, the image displayed relative to the page has been scaled",
                noScaleRules:"No scaling",
                noScaleRulesTip:"JS auto find, no scaling, but meets a certain size",
                smallRules:"Small size",
                smallRulesTip:"Small size image, the actual size of the height and width are less than #t# pixels",
                commandTip:"Command Menu",
                onlineEdit:"Online editing",
                onlineEditTip:"Edit this image online using #t#",
                openInNewWindow:"Open in new window",
                openInNewWindowTip:"Open image in new window",
                findInPage:"Find In Page",
                findInPageTip:"Scroll to the location of the current image",
                viewCollection:"View Collection",
                viewCollectionTip:"View all collected images",
                inCollection:"Unable to use in Collection mode",
                cantFind:"The image is not in the document, or it is hidden and cannot be located!",
                exportImages:"Export big Images",
                exportImagesTip:"Export all images to new window",
                downloadImage:"Download Image",
                downloadImageTip:"Download the current picture",
                copyImagesUrl:"Copy all images Urls",
                copyImagesUrlTip:"Copy all large image Urls",
                copySuccess:"Successfully copied #t# Url",
                autoRefresh:"Auto overload",
                autoRefreshTip:"When the last few images, scroll the main window to the bottom, then automatically load the new image",
                enterFullsc:"Enter full screen",
                exitFullsc:"Exit full screen",
                closeGallery:"Close Gallery",
                returnToGallery:"Back to the Gallery",
                picInfo:"Img information",
                picNote:"Img annotation",
                resolution:"Img Resolution",
                picNum:"Number of pictures",
                scaleRatio:"Scaling ratio",
                similarImage:"Searching by image",
                horizontalFlip:"Horizontal flip",
                verticalFlip:"Vertical flip",
                actualBtn:"View original (A)",
                searchBtn:"Find the original image (S)",
                galleryBtn:"View Gallery (G)",
                currentBtn:"View current (C)",
                magnifierBtn:"Magnifier / ZooM (M)",
                picTitle:"Picture Title",
                exportImagesUrl:"Export image Url",
                exportImagesUrlPop:"Ctrl+C copy image Url",
                beginSearchImg:"#t# begin Search Img ...",
                findNoPic:"The original image was not found",
                findOverBeginLoad:"#t# end of the map, find #t# matching pictures, start loading the first one",
                loadNextSimilar:"The original image failed to load, try to load the next result...",
                loadError:"Load failed",
                openHomePage:"Open Home page",
                position:"Display position",
                topLeft:"The top left corner of the picture",
                topRight:"The top right corner of the picture",
                bottomRight:"The bottom right corner of the picture",
                bottomLeft:"The bottom left corner of the picture",
                topCenter:"Beside the picture",
                bottomCenter:"Below the picture",
                showDelay:"Show delay",
                hideDelay:"Hide Delay",
                forceShow:"Non-zoomed image, beyond that size, shows the float frame",
                forceShowTip:"Floating toolbar when non-scaled image size exceeds the size set below",

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  •                 px:"px",
                    minSizeLimit:"Zoom the image, beyond that size, display the float frame",
                    minSizeLimitTip:"After the image is scaled (the original size of the image does not match the actual size), the floating toolbar is displayed when the original image length is greater than the set value.",
                    listenBg:"Listening background image",
                    listenBgTip:"Show the hover box on the element with the background image",
                    butonOrder:"Sort of toolbar icons",
                    keysEnable:"Enable the following shortcuts",
                    keysActual:"Open the big picture",
                    keysActualTip:"Press this button to open a large image when a floating bar appears",
                    keysSearch:"Find the original image",
                    keysSearchTip:"Press this button to find the original image when the floating bar appears",
                    keysCurrent:"Open the current picture",
                    keysCurrentTip:"Press this button to open the currently displayed image when the floating bar appears",
                    keysMagnifier:"Open the magnifying glass to observe",
                    keysMagnifierTip:"Press this button to open the magnifying glass when the floating bar appears",
                    keysGallery:"Open Gallery",
                    keysGalleryTip:"Press this button to open the Gallery when a floating bar appears",
                    magnifierRadius:"Default radius",
                    magnifierWheelZoomEnabled:"Enable wheel zoom",
                    magnifierWheelZoomRange:"Wheel zoom magnification",
                    galleryFitToScreen:"Scale the image to fit the screen",
                    galleryFitToScreenSmall:"The small image is also scaled to fit the screen",
                    galleryFitToScreenTip:"Adapt to be contain, not cover",
                    galleryScrollEndToChange:"Switch the image after the big picture scrolls to the end",
                    galleryScrollEndToChangeTip:"Valid after canceling the previous option",
                    galleryExportType:"Image export default sort",
                    grid:"Tile sorting",
                    gridBig:"The original picture is tiled",
                    list:"List sorting",
                    galleryLoadAll:"Automatically process all pages when loading more images",
                    galleryLoadAllTip:"If too many pages may affect the experience",
                    galleryScaleSmallSize1:"The actual size is less than the height and width",
                    galleryScaleSmallSize2:"Pixels are grouped into small size images",
                    galleryShowSmallSize:"Show small size pictures by default",
                    galleryTransition:"Show special effects of gallery switching images",
                    gallerySidebarPosition:"Thumbnail bar position",
                    gallerySidebarSizeTip:"The height of the thumbnail bar (if it is horizontal) or the width (if it is vertical)",
                    galleryMax1:"Maximum read-ahead",
                    galleryMax2:"Pictures (how many before and after)",
                    galleryAutoZoom:"Zoom changes back to 100% (chrome)",
                    galleryAutoZoomTip:"If you zoom in, change the zoom of the image and sidebar sections back to 100% and increase the viewable area (only valid under chrome)",
                    galleryDescriptionLength1:"Maximum width of annotation",
                    galleryAutoOpenSites:"Automatically open the website's website regulars",
                    galleryEditSite:"Online editing site",
                    imgWindowFitToScreen:"Adapt to the screen and center horizontally vertically",
                    imgWindowFitToScreenTip:"Adapt to be contain, not cover",
                    imgWindowDefaultTool:"The tool selected by default when opening the window",
                    imgWindowEscKey:"Esc key is off",
                    imgWindowDblClickImgWindow:"Double click on the image window to close",
                    imgWindowClickOutside:"Click on the image to close externally",
                    dblclick:"Double click",
                    imgWindowOverlayerColor:"Color and Opacity",
                    imgWindowShiftRotateStep1:"When rotating, hold down the Shift key, rotate the step",
                    imgWindowMouseWheelZoom:"MouseWheel Zoom",
                    imgWindowZoomRange:"Zoom Range",
                    imgWindowZoomRangeTip:"Zoom (must be positive)",
                    waitImgLoad:"When the image is completely loaded, it will start to perform operations such as pop-up zooming",
                    waitImgLoadTip:"When holding down the Ctrl key, you can temporarily execute the setting opposite to this setting",
                    debug:"Debug mode",
                    firstEngine:"Preferred (first) search engine",
                    refreshWhenError:"Read error, click overload",
                    switchSlide:"Switch sidebar",

    all claims to google

  • zemené July 2018 Opera

    PS: you assign "picNum" twice in "zh-TW" and twice in "zh-CN" and twice in "default"
    please, fix it too

  • Google App Engine

    You are cool, thank you!

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