Days Missed

About: TW Friends
I was looking over the source code and was going to modify this to add the feature for myself but I think you should add in the ability to have a column that says something like


The 100 would be dynamic based on how many days that user failed to send you gifts.. You couldn't just go based on the event start date though as friends could be added after the event started so you would have to base it on either the event start date or the date you became friends and then tally up how many days were missed.

It's nice to see the dates they sent gifts but I would like a quick way to know who is sending and who is not and since I friend people after the event I cannot scold them for missing the days when we were not friends.

I would be happy to try to get this in place, just not sure if you accept code contributions.


  • Also not sure that the game returns the date in which you became friends, without that this feature is not possible :(
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