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zemené April 2015 v Diskusia o skripte Chrome

Bardzo fajny i pomocny skrypt. Ale czy nie można by było zmienić jedną rzecz, zamiast pokazywać ile znajomy nam wysłał (jajek, serc itp.) to bardziej pomocny był by zapis 12/15, gdzie 15 to ilość dni loterii jakie jest nasz znajomy z nami, a 12 to ile razy w przeciągu tych 15 dni wysłał nam (jajek, serc itp.), lub żeby doszła kolumna z datą dołączenia znajomego. Bo w tej chwili jak usuniemy leni i przyjmiemy nowych to za kilka dni robiąc następny przegląd obiboków przez pomyłkę możemy usunąć nowych.

Ale generalnie bardzo duży plus dla autora skryptu. :)



  • Unfortunately, The West does not provide any information about when each friendship was established.
  • Well, it's probably not worth to do this now, when this tombola is about to end, and we don't know whether the script will work with the next tombola, but (just as a brain exercise, unless someone else decides to work on this) there is a (manual) solution to this problem, since you have access to the list of friends.

    So, visually, this proposal would add two buttons to the main eggs list screen: "export friends" and "import friends":
    -The "import friends" button accepts a table (2 columns, first with text: the name of a friend; the second a date/time - columns separated by a semicolon(?) ).
    -The export friends export a list containing: whatever was submitted to the "import friends" (might be empty if nothing was submitted) AND a list of your friends who aren't in the imported list, together with the current time.
    (possibly excluding deleted friends? this would be optional)

    The script can use the imported list to get a pretty good idea on who are the new friends and track them.

    Anyway, the script is wonderful as it is right now. Thanks a lot for it!

    PS: The import/export screens would be in a similar fashion to what TW-DB has for exporting/importing the list of silver and gold jobs.
  • Alternatively, I just noticed you do observe on which dates the eggs were sent. So a simple signal is just the number of eggs (or number of times they have eggs) divided by the difference in days between today and the first day they gave you eggs.

    This is far from perfect, but a very good approximation, which can be done automatically :)
  • That's a good idea: to display the frequency (e.g. 25, 39, 44 hours) each friend sends you hearts, eggs, fireworks, flowers.... I guess it will be implemented in the next version and will be available for the Independence Day event.

    Thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions
  • can someone explain what is the purpose of export button?
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