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About: TW Friends
The new version is excellent.
I suggest adding a filter to sort by amounts received (the icon "eye") and perhaps not superfluous one to sort by player name.
Thank You.


  • I have to agree, the last update was superb! And name/"eye" filters would make it even better! ^^.
  • Script is excellent, great.

    Thank you very much.
  • Sorting is now supported (version 0.17)
    Some other enhancements and multilingual support are scheduled for the next release.
  • Cheers!
    Kudos for the fast update!
  • Many applause.
    The filters and the total sum are applauding.
    Perhaps it is much request ...
    Add a column to the average received from the date of admission Friend relative to the total amount received.
    Thank you for making life easier during events.
  • Unfortunately, The West does not provide any information about when each friendship was established.

    I added a list of the dates for each friend, if you mouse over the received count.
  • Thanks! :D
  • Script is excellent, nice work .... thanks
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