Dark ?

About: YouTube DeepDark [Preview]
please, stop use #FFFFFF in your "dark" themes ...
use #f6fff4 or darker


  • zemené September 2017 Firefox
    I don't use #ffffff, I use #eff0f1 (which I think is a dark enough). IF you want to change the color you can easily do so in the code manually or you can change that in the advanced options on the userstyles.org (link in the description). My themes are made to easily allow color changing and other themes recreation. I offer color palettes right at the top of the code under root. CUSTOMIZATION is the key word here. See screenshots on my github.

    You can also import multiple themes from my github directly if you want, and have a global palette changer. I tested it under Stylus and works really well. By default I don't asign colors to my themes, userstyles does. I do choose the deepdark color palette though, which is by default enabled on greasyfork. You could also only import youtube and have the same results, the theme will be up to date and your color picks will remain the same.
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