Very strange error on videos

About: Maximize Video
When trying to resize the option it sends me to a chinese(?) website


  • cause by ad script on the site.
  • But the player gets replaced by the chinese site ONLY when pressing the button of your script. How they got related?
  • You can check my script code.Did not send any website. Maybe DNS cache pollution or got virus.And what chinese site did it send? I can't reproduce this problem.Btw i use ublock.
  • zemené July 2016 Firefox
    I use ublock as well. The chinese site does not appear anymore (might have got blocked by an update on the filter lists).
    If you press the play button then try to maximize the video It gets replaced with a white screen the video disappears leaving a black rectangle if you maximize it before pressing the button it works ok but you cant minimize and maximize again or it will trigger that issue.

    BTW were you able to check the filehoot problem as well? (no button) ex link
  • hello all members. i need site script. im search but not found
    please tell us how find. my domain
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