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Pridaný: 22.12.2020

ok. so i wanted to tell anyone who is experienced with making code for hacks that I and probably a bit of some community in io games ( specifically) would like to see some hacks. Maybe something that increases your jump (i am aware you can take damage and regain your second jump but maybe one without damage?) or like invincibility or gem hacks (not those crappy generators online that are fake anyways), though i know these are far fetched, maybe some speed or damage, weapon, or stats, anything really! I would love to see if someone out there, could be my fairy god parent and grant me this wish. I love all the user scripts and understand that it can be hard to use java, but please. Someone heed my call! If you are up to it or want to add to this feel free too! I will take any criticism at any given time on any point here!

I want hacks too...

Pridaný: 08.11.2021

make all items unlocked for a hack

Pridaný: 11.01.2022

i want hack to buy neon wing in

Pridaný: 17.04.2023

I want 100 diamonds in

Pridaný: 31.05.2023

i want to hakc diamonds

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