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Отзыв: Плохой — скрипт не работает

Создано: 13.05.2020
Отредактировано: 13.05.2020

Not working on firefox

It creates a 0 byte file with nothing on it. It's like this for a very long time. Tampermonkey+ff77(64bit) Win7

Создано: 15.05.2020
Отредактировано: 15.05.2020

it's expected behavior, I develop and test this on Chrome. I never try to make this compatible with firefox.

I will not spend time and effort on that. I build this script for myself. and never made any money off this. I have no motivation to keep putting in more time on this script

Thanks for using it anyway. my suggestion is use chrome+tampermonkey in order to use this scripts.


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