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pancake mod | Katana + Musket | AUTOHEAL | Anti-Insta | starter resources and more!!

This was SISI's HacK but I decided to name it pancake mod. Not only the name of the mod was changed, also the power of it! To know how to use it read the description! Hope you enjoy!! and btw sub to me :>

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Cai Hughes 18.11.2021
Последний: W4ITАвтор 19.11.2021
Хороший should add a stick to katana power
Ahmed Mahmoud 31.10.2021
Последний: W4ITАвтор 05.11.2021
does not work fix plz
:DreamTW: :p 29.07.2021
Последний: W4ITАвтор 20.10.2021
Хороший op mod
Branson Li 16.07.2021
Последний: W4ITАвтор 10.08.2021
Is there crash in this mod -_- if there isn't pls add

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